onsdag 8 februari 2012

Strolling in London

Something that never is a big pity
is strolling around in a pretty big city
Certainly not if it´s a city in Europe
Only some miles away from Skurup

Today I heard violins in Covent Garden
no sound pollution, I beg your pardon
Bobbies in green vests near Leicester square
Swedish grey cops don´t even compare

Three dancing Queens near Westminster station
Can they stop the threatening stagnation?
Men in small shorts just running about
that doesn´t make me wanna shout

Huge, giant pelicans in St James Park
I would´t wanna be there by dark
In every minute: a red double -decker
smashing the streets like Boris Becker

What a nice city, my oh my
I think i´ll pop up in the London Eye

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